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181 of 365

February 25, 2017. I went to bed last night thinking about serene, because I had seen her picture in a set of images from some NU summit event. So t hat is probably why I had such a vivid dream about us reuniting for some amazing gala event out on a lawn overlooking the ocean with amazing food. I remember feeling so re livened and thankful at the dinner. But I also remember that I was at her table kissing her cheek and whispering in her ear....but I was not seated at the same table. She asked whether I would move her down to Cozumel someday. I whispered "yes" into her ear and she was surprised. But I'm remembering that she didn't ask if we could move. As I wake up, it occurs to me that I didn't really have her back in that dream. But I was under the illusion that I did.

Today I get to see Mahlet for the third time in a week. It seems like I've wanted to see her much more than I have thus far, but three times is an awful lot. I'm excited about getting to know her better. And this is the point at which I've struggled in the past. Doing right by the person I'm interested in by cutting off or being forthright with people I'm not as interested in. Colleen and Caroline...and anyone new who comes along. For now I'm going to continue to take it slow. But I owe it to myself to make sure that I'm doing the right things to make something possible when I see someone who I really like.