Thank you for visiting Dana's Eye Photography. I hope you can tell how much I love telling stories through images. That wasn't always the case.

My dad gave me a beautiful Nikon film camera when I left for college (thanks dad!). Between my studies and the cost of developing film, I almost never used it. But in the spring of 2004, on my way to Nepal, I laid my hands on a digital camera for the first time and discovered a pasttime that quickly became a passion.

Maybe it was because, as a former engineer, I loved the way that photography marries creativity and structure. Maybe it was a way for me to do something that's always been difficult: share what's most personal. What I know for sure is that I'm hooked.

Since that day, I've been constantly searching for opportunities to combine photography with every aspect of my life....friendships, family, work, and (of course) travel. It's a privilege to be able to share part of my journey with you.  Thanks for taking a look.

Dana Underwood

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